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Wikipedia editorial team and consultancy
Since 2013 we make Wikipedia more open towards people, commercial and non-commercial organizations. We cooperate with experts, build our own editorial team and develop complex topics at world's largest open knowledge center. To be truly independent we avoid fundraising and work as commercial entity with a notable share of pro bono projects
Our services
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Checking notability of subject, helping to understand Wikipedia rules and regulations and resolve the conflicts

Improving existing articles and creating new ones in English, Russian and other Wikipedia chapters

Once published the article's being constantly overwatched to prevent internet vandalism and spam contributions
Our areas of interest
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Industry Leaders
The most renowned companies with great stories to tell
Entrepreneurs and Companies
People and organizations that shape the everyday world
An opportunity to share scientifically correct knowledge
The most inspiring sources of cultural heritage
Art Market
Most notable contemporary artists, objects and institutions
People and institutions fixing world's biggest problems
Core team
Tim Vatolin
Co-founder, publisher
I manage the workflow and long-term projects
Mikhail Gruznov
Co-founder, manager
I respond to commercial inquiries, do paperwork and manage the team
Ann Biruikova
Partner, editor, educator
I manage our special projects on pop-science, museums and NGOs
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St. Petersburg, Russia