Some of our works are only available in Russian. Articles published in English have a special mark(eng).
Industry Leaders
The most renowned companies have great stories to tell but little opportunity to do so aside from conventional media. Wikipedia aims to be a comprehensive source of knowledge, which makes it a perfect platform for in-depth insights into the past and present of companies that have shaped the modern world
Entrepreneurs and Companies
Entrepreneurship shapes everyday life and people who lead promising startups or long-established enterprises achieve notability standards of Wikipedia. We help their stories be told truly and deeply to provide the general public and media a good source of knowledge about them and their projects
Wikipedia and educational institutions share common goals in promoting scientifically accurate knowledge. Yet due to the crowdsourcing mechanics of the Internet encyclopedia, its contents sometimes becomes outdated or incorrect. We approach universities and private educational projects to collectively develop sections of Wikipedia related to their respective fields of science
Wikipedia considers cultural institutions that provide access to cultural heritage its closest ally in creating open, widely accessible knowledge. We assist those organizations in using the Internet encyclopedia and other web-based approaches to boost their reach and ensure accuracy and quality of related content
Art Market
The history of art is constantly being developed by contemporary artists and new approaches. We cooperate with artists and art institutions to provide detailed insight into works and messages addressed to our generation
Since 2018, we have closely cooperated with non-governmental organizations to attract more attention to good causes and people
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